Monthly Archives: May 2013

Pennsylvania’s role in the Civil War highlighted in “Keystone Tombstones Civil War”

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. — Sunbury Press has released “Keystone Tombstones Civil War” by Joe Farrell, Joe Farley and Lawrence Knorr. This special volume of the Keystone Tombstones series highlights Pennsylvania’s contributions to restoring the Union and ending slavery. About the Book: Pennsylvania is rich in Civil War history. Gettysburg was the climactic battle of the war, and many […]

Markus Roberts fills us up with a plethora of tips for high-end diners and pro servers

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. — Sunbury Press has released author Markus Roberts’ “More Bread, Please: High-end Dining from the Pro Server’s Perspective.” About the Book: Working in the restaurant industry for almost two decades gave Markus Roberts more than enough material to produce a practical and honest, yet humorous guide created to improve the higher end of the industry […]

Sunbury Press eBooks now available for the SONY Reader

Mechanicsburg, PA – Sunbury Press, Inc., the trade publisher, has contracted with SONY to distribute eBooks on the SONY Reader platform through the SONY Reader Store. About the SONY Reader: The Sony Reader is a line of e-book readers manufactured by Sony, who invented the electronic ink reader with its Librie. It uses an electronic […]

Douglas Gibboney digs up “More Scandals of the Civil War”

 Mechanicsburg, PA – Sunbury Press has released author Douglas Lee Gibboney’s Civil War history compilation “More Scandals of the Civil War and Kindred Matters.” About the Book: Yes, well…here we go again with a second serving of assorted sordid deeds, malicious gossip and just plain naughty behavior by Billy Yank, Johnny Reb and their female […]

William Cook’s “Diamond Madness” recounts some of the strangest incidents in baseball history

Mechanicsburg, PA – Sunbury Press has released best-selling author William A. Cook’s baseball history compilation “Diamond Madness: The Strange, Rowdy, Violent and sometimes Racist Relationship between Major League Fans and Players.” About the Book: For more than one hundred and thirty-five years baseball has been considered America’s game. Major league baseball was the first sport […]

One Dinorific deal! Mike and Ethan Sgrignoli sign with Sunbury Press

Mechanicsburg, PA — Children’s author Mike Sgrignoli and his son Ethan, the illustrator, have signed with Sunbury Press to publish their Dinorific Poetry series.  The Mechanicsburg publisher of trade paperback and eBooks plans to reissue the first two volumes, followed by a third currently in the works. The Sgrignolis have risen to local acclaim thanks […]

Guy Graybill’s “Whimsy and Wry” is chock full of wit and wisdom…

Mechanicsburg, PA – Sunbury Press has released best-selling author Guy Graybill’s essay, poetry and novella compilation “Whimsy and Wry.” Reader ? Reviews: “This is the best thing to happen to Middleburg since they changed the name from Swinefordstettle…”   — E Z Mulcahey, local resident and tavern frequenter “Every commode in Snyder County should have a […]

Doug Brode’s Kennedy assassination novel “Patsy!” goes national – Sunbury’s April bestsellers

Mechanicsburg, PA – “Patsy!”, Doug Brode’s nonfiction novel relating Lee Harvey Oswald’s perspective on the Kennedy assassination,  was #1 upon release thanks to media attention, including the Dennis Miller show. Anthony Julian’s “Pit Bulls,” a collection of vintage photos of these pets and their families ranked #2 due to heavy interest from dog shelters and […]

Sunbury Press eBooks now available through FREADING at major libraries

Mechanicsburg, PA – Sunbury Press, Inc., the trade publisher, has contracted with Library Ideas, LLC for their FReading service to distribute eBooks to thousands of libraries worldwide. About Library Ideas & FReading: Library Ideas, LLC is a privately held company located in Fairfax, Virginia.  Library Ideas supplies digital products and websites to libraries of all […]