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Sunbury Press RELUCTANTLY signs southern gothic horror series

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. — In his LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT, in 1919, author Asa Pritchard commanded his executors that his series be published within their lifetimes —- lest a curse fall upon them. Initially dismissive, as one  after another met withTRAGIC END, the remaining descendents hastened their efforts to comply, though, every attempt was met with disregard, some […]

Mayhem follows an archaeologist from Peru to Panama and the Grand Tetons in Robert Walton’s novel

LEMOYNE, Pa. — Sunbury Press has released Robert Walton’s novel “Fatal Snow,” about an archaeologist who seeks Incan treasure in the Chilean Andes and is subsequently, unknowlingly, chased to the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. About the Book: Robert Walton’s first novel takes us back to 1976.  Harry Thursday, an archaeologist, is trying to forget the violent death […]

Nymphomaniac college girlfriend comes back to haunt middle-aged man during midlife crisis

POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. — Sunbury Press has released Ray Fashona’s novel “The Death of Obsession,” about a middle-aged man haunted by memories of his nymphomaniacal college girlfriend and who tries to relive his past. About the Book: Mike Zinarelli’s life has not turned out the way his college self thought it would. Having once basked in the hazy […]

20 year-old murder case subject of Palm Beach County mystery novel by John Scanlan

PALM BEACH, Fla. — Sunbury Press has released John Scanlan’s second novel “Victims of Circumstance.” set in Florida’s Palm Beach County. About the Book: For twenty years he knew the man who murdered his wife.  He knew he was where he belonged: in a jail cell, never again to see the light of day as a free man. […]

Longing for Spring, anyone? Baseball novel takes top spot on Sunbury bestseller list in January

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. — The Closer, Alan Mindell’s heart-warming baseball novel, ranked #1 due to author activities in California. Mike Campbell’s Amelia Earhart – The Truth At Last moved up on the list, taking #2, thanks to bookstore and library sales. Sunbury Press posted its worst month in two years in January due to the frigid weather, the owners’ vacation […]

February is Women in Horror Month

February is Women in Horror Month. For me, this means I have a great opportunity to learn about other authors as well as promote myself. Sunbury Press has published a few of these women, such as: The Weeping Woman, a ghostly mystery centered on Mexican legend, by Patricia Santos Marcantonio; The Ghosts of Laurelford, a paranormal […]