Sunbury Press RELUCTANTLY signs southern gothic horror series

tcotdc_fcMECHANICSBURG, Pa. — In his LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT, in 1919, author Asa Pritchard commanded his executors that his series be published within their lifetimes —- lest a curse fall upon them. Initially dismissive, as one  after another met withTRAGIC END, the remaining descendents hastened their efforts to comply, though, every attempt was met with disregard, some publishers, even, callously labeling the work as ‘VILE’. Heinous fates whittling down the final executors; the last surviving great-grandaughter, in the clutches of renal necrosis, prevailed upon us, in the name of our blessed saviour to publish it. Unwilling to deny consolation to a dying woman, we, at Sunbury Press, have, reluctantly, agreed to publish one novel – though, knowing how deeply offensive it would be to the 21st century reader, not the series.  Readers must be forewarned that this work’s reprehensible imagery, abhorrent language, along with UNSPEAKABLE DEEDS and long since discredited tales of the macabre, were intended to speak to those of an earlier time, and that these attitudes in NO WAY represent the opinions of this publisher in 2014, but, rather, the venomous drivel of a despicable long dead author … whose final wish has now been minimally enacted.

If for some reason, you find yourself morbidly curious about this title — perhaps to add it to your list of “BOOKS TO AVOID” — you may find more information at:…

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