The tragic decline of the Maxfield Parrish estate recounted by eyewitness Robin Lee

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Sunbury Press has released Robin Lee’s book Sanctuary Dishonored: The Decline and Fall of the Maxfield Parrish Estate.

sd_fcAbout the Book:
Robin Lee, through an incredible twist of fate, was invited to write and record her music, inspired by the great American artist Maxfield Parrish, at the very time his iconic art studio was on the verge of being gutted. Lee had the foresight to capture with her camera and video recorder numerous pictures and footage of Parrish’s workshop and grounds just before and as they were being torn apart. This great tragedy in art history will unfold before your eyes, and Robin captures in her words and pictures the sense of wonder and shock as the process unfolded. As if guided by the restless spirit of Maxfield Parrish himself, Lee has become the messenger to the rest of the world, telling the tragic tale of what once was…

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