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Serial killer on the loose in the Cumberland Valley

CARLISLE, Pa. — Sunbury Press has released J. M. West’s first novel in the Carlisle Crime Cases series, Dying for Vengeance: A Christopher Snow & Erin McCoy Mystery. About the Book: Carlisle Homicide Detective Erin McCoy battles the jitters as the first woman in Homicide partnered with Senior Detective Christopher Snow. On their first case, they […]

BIGFOOT ATTACKS CAMPERS! Ape Man runs off with bestselling novel!

Originally posted on Scar Paper Press Book Blog:
Fort Bragg, CA — Residents near this northern California town were stunned to hear the tale of four young campers who had been hiking in the nearby redwood forest.  About 12 miles east of town, they had settled in for the evening, playing guitars, reading and smoking…


Originally posted on Arms & Shield — military and police blog :
A peaceful rally in Saint Teresa Park, protesting recent killings of Latino immigrants, erupted in violence when two Caucasian males shouted racial slurs at the gathering. Rioting and looting quickly spread into Toluca. Forty-eight deaths were reported, including that of Sheriff Gordon Crowe. Hospitals…


Originally posted on Scar Paper Press Book Blog:
PARIS — An obscure quatrain by the great seer Michel de Nostradame, aka Nostradamus, had been a mystery to researchers for hundreds of years. With the recent rise in popularity of Keith Rommel’s psycho-thrillers, including “The Cursed Man,” which is presently being made into a movie in…


Originally posted on Arms & Shield — military and police blog :
In the wake of last Friday’s helicopter attack on Mexican and Central American nationals, an estimated forty-eight men, women, and children were slain yesterday evening while attempting to illegally enter the United States via a 1200-meter tunnel into Toluca, New Mexico, the deaths attributed…


Originally posted on Arms & Shield — military and police blog :
Toluca City –Ten Latino immigrants, including a pregnant woman and four children, were killed last night during an apparent illegal crossing into the U.S. According to sources choosing to remain anonymous, the panel truck which carried them was attacked at approximately 10 p.m. by…

Review of “What To Do About Mama?: A Guide To Caring for Aging Family Members”

Originally posted on Helpful Books Blog:
By Fairy C. Hayes-Scott, Ph.D., The authors, Barbara G. Matthews and Barbara Tranin Blank, have presented a comprehensive work that will benefit every person who is in the position of being a caregiver. The authors provide key information for all caregivers in every situation that can occur. Their…