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In the wake of last Friday’s helicopter attack on Mexican and Central American nationals, an estimated forty-eight men, women, and children were slain yesterday evening while attempting to illegally enter the United States via a 1200-meter tunnel into Toluca, New Mexico, the deaths attributed to massive explosions which wracked the underground passage. There were no survivors.

Two Mexican nationals were also killed by gunshots at the entrance to the tunnel, which was concealed in a candy store near the border.

The carnage was beyond description,” reported a federal agent. “We found only body parts,” he said. “The sight was beyond horrifying,” the agent, a veteran of Iraq, continued. “I have not seen its equal, even on the battlefield.”

The tunnel collapsed along its entire length, and a ranch house at its terminus was enveloped in flames, killing three and injuring five. Gordon Crowe, sheriff of Toluca, stated: “We will…

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