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A peaceful rally in Saint Teresa Park, protesting recent killings of Latino immigrants, erupted in violence when two Caucasian males shouted racial slurs at the gathering. Rioting and looting quickly spread into Toluca.

Forty-eight deaths were reported, including that of Sheriff Gordon Crowe. Hospitals soon overflowed with the wounded, many of whom are not expected to survive.

Throughout Toluca, stores were looted and vandalized, sixteen of which were extensively damaged by fire. A spokesperson from the mayor’s office, Liana Cisneros, estimated that the cost to be “upwards of sixty million, and still climbing.” She further commented: “Our town is in ruins. This is a disaster of tragic proportions for the citizenry of Toluca.”

michael isherwood,

<this is a fictional news account based on the novel An American Hiroshima by Don Wulffson>


America was on the border of disaster. A slew of barbarous murders of illegal aliens…

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