Seen In Ink: The New Writer-Reader Relationship

Ernest & Edgar Literary Blog

by Emma Crosby

From oral to literary cultures, from the manuscripts of the past to the e-books of today, the view of writers and poets has gone through dramatic changes. What’s the difference between a writer and an author? How do people now view both literary creations and their creators? In her song ‘Creation’, singer-songwriter Emmy the Great outlines the way in which stories become something more – “you dry the riverbed, and so he builds a well” – but the act of writing remains something mysterious for many people, so that writers and authors become mythological creatures in and of themselves, complete with all the urban legends and beliefs which are requisite for a myth. By examining this myth, or these myths – for as the publishing industry changes, so do the ways in which we view authors – is it possible to articulate what the public is…

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