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By Alex Jones


The Cursed Man, by Indie author Keith Rommel, is an ebook that I selected from the Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense catalogue of a notable eBook review club. Since I’m both a writer and a psychologist, The Cursed Man is a perfect fit for PsykoScribble’s dual focus on writing and psychology.

The Cursed Man is the story of Alistair Kunkle, a man who has lived in isolation at a mental hospital for many years because of the terrible fate that awaits anybody who has any social contact with him. It is an ingenious portrayal of a man with severe Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a result of living through severe childhood domestic abuse that ultimately leads to him escaping from his mother, who has just murdered both his brother and his father. From Rommel’s writing, it is obvious that he has a deep understanding of the nature of…

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