Young Mary Jemison abducted by Indians near Gettysburg

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SUNBURY, Pa.Sunbury Press has released John L. Moore’s Pioneers, Prisoners, and Peace Pipes, the third of eight volumes in the Frontier Pennsylvania series.

ppap_fcAbout the Book:
Histories can be two-dimensional; these contain information strung along timelines. Other histories are three-dimensional, fleshing the basics out with descriptions and explanations. And then there are the four-dimensional histories, best savored slowly. ‘Pioneers, Prisoners, and Peace Pipes’ falls in this last category.

John L. Moore’s four-dimensional tales draws the reader into a world long gone in such a way that the reader gets lost in a distant place – with no desire to leave. This master story teller has discovered hidden eddies of history. He artfully weaves original source material into accounts that still touch the heart. There is the couple coming home to find their children kidnapped and their home ransacked …  There is a husband searching for a lost…

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