Swedes once ruled the Philadelphia area

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SUNBURY, Pa.Sunbury Press has released John L. Moore’s Rivers, Raiders, and Renegades, the fifth of eight volumes in the Frontier Pennsylvania series.

About the Book:
rrar_fcAs the Delaware Indians moved west through Pennsylvania during the 1700s, they carried with them tribal memories of the day they first met people from Europe. Their ancestors had lived along the Atlantic Ocean, and, according to tradition, which a missionary eventually wrote down, a group of Indian men in canoes had ventured out into New York Harbor to fish. Suddenly they saw a strange object floating in the ocean far to the east. When it got very close, they saw that it was a large floating house with people on it.

There are remarkable similarities between this legend and journal entries written in September 1609 by an officer of Henry Hudson’s ship, the “Half Moon,” as it sailed into the harbor…

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