Mob Burns Sangoma And His Hut: Locals Fear Shanty Inhabitants’ Hysteria Might Spread

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Mason Barry Sunday 19 May 2013

burning-hut-zimbabwe-590An arson attack and execution yesterday in a township outside Cape Town has the locals wondering if hysteria will spread.

The burning of a sangoma follows the latest report of a missing youth. So far, the child’s remains have not been found.

Since the late 1990s, rural communities have burned hundreds of sangomas accused of black juju to death.

Most sangomas are considered traditional healers and are a respected part of South African society, but the recent rise of murders, especially children, and the proximity of where the bodies have been found, have the people living in the townships angry and suspicious.

Are the townships and shanty towns the murder scene or are they the dumping ground?” a reporter asked an official on the scene, Captain Massu Thuzien.

The officer responded, “No conclusions can be made at this time.”

(this is a fictional…

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