What’s life like in a house full of beloved beagles? The “Beagle Bard” tells all!

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STATE COLLEGE, Pa.Sunbury Press has released Bob Ford’s fifth volume in the Beagle Tales series, Beagle Tales 5.

About the Book:
BT5_fcThis fifth installment of Ford’s short stories mixes a love for the hunt and a thorough appreciation of the beagle as a cherished pet. Whether he is navigating the wild lands looking for rabbits or the wilder terrain of human relationships, the author is always looking for the important things in life, and casting them in a humorous light. Beagles and rabbit hunting are featured prominently in these collected assays, although the tales of the hunt are often a medium to tell a more profound story.  Laugh along with his nostalgic remembrances of childhood, unique perspectives on life today, and the joys of living with hunting house beagles.

“Beagle Tales” is a registered trademark of Sunbury Press, Inc.

Behold, the Rabbit

Well, small game hunting…

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