Haunted Forest Possible Host To Missing Persons: Woman Claiming to be a Zombie Calls the van Hollinsworth Forest Home

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Mason Barry Monday 10 June 2013

5d2217e0f3840ef52b8bae0c08c0e6ceA thrill comes with going deep into the dark woods where ghosts and goblins are up to no good. Or in this case, the zombies in the woods are up to no good.

Supernatural rumors have circulated about Ms. van Hollinsworth’s house and forest over the years. So has her peccant influence.

One woman stated she lived in Ms. van Hollinsworth’s forest and also maintained she was one of the walking dead, a zombie. Her name was taken and given to the local

 Groote Shuur Hospital Groote Shuur Hospital

authorities. This particular woman has a death certificate filed by Groote Shuur Hospital in Cape Town, but does not have a burial plot on file.

Jeffrey Thurmont, who resides on the property with Ms. van Hollinsworth, called the allegations fictitious. “This is nothing short of harassment,” Jeffrey said. “And we will be pursuing legal action.”

Captain Massu Thuzien…

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