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Major “Rooks” Pritchard, CSA, recalled — novel finally nears release

Five stones with demonic powers sought in an epic quest pitting good vs. evil

Originally posted on SUNBURY PRESS BOOKS:
MECHANICSBURG, Pa. — Sunbury Press has released The Devil’s Grasp, Chris Pisano’s and Brian Koscienski’s high fantasy novel. About the Book: A thousand years ago, a mad wizard ensorcelled five gemstones, giving them the power to call forth and control the demons that haunt Hell itself. After a blood-filled…

Civil War reenactors travel time to right a wrong they caused during their last visit to 1863

Originally posted on SUNBURY PRESS BOOKS:
GETTYSBURG, Pa. — Sunbury Press has released The Death Machine, Charles K. Godfrey’s sequel to the bestsellingThe Final Charge. About the Book: The Death Machine is the sequel to The Final Charge, the story of Mike, Ray, and Gordon, three Civil War reenactors, who accidentally time traveled to Gettysburg…

Hex Murder: Pow-Wow Witchcraft in York County, Pennsylvania

Originally posted on Pennsylvanus Book Blog:
By Charlie Hintz on February 19, 2015 Witchcraft, hexes and murder in 20th century Pennsylvania? The strange case of folk ritual magic gone wrong in York County’s not-too-distant past. The Nelson Rehmeyer hex murder house in York County, Pennsylvania It is difficult to imagine witchcraft trials in the 20th…

Family Finds Animal Carcasses Stuffed in Walls of New Home

Originally posted on Pennsylvanus Book Blog:
By Charlie Hintz on February 16, 2015 A Pennsylvania family’s dream home became a nightmare when they discovered the horrifying remains of a Dutch magic ritual inside the walls. The Bretzius family had no idea what horrors lurked behind the walls of their Auburn, Pennsylvania dream home when they…

Celtic Prince Caratacus rallies the tribes of Britain to face the invading Romans

Originally posted on The Quill of Tacitus Book Blog:
SPOKANE, Wash. — Sunbury Press has released The Wolf of Britannia, Jess Steven Hughes’ prequel to the bestsellingThe Sign of the Eagle. The novel has been released in two parts. About the Part I: The Wolf of Britannia, Part I, is a breathtaking historical novel of…

Big game hunter and adventurer also served our country in Vietnam

Originally posted on Pets & Nature Book Blog:
NEWBURGH, N.Y. — Sunbury Press has released Adventures in Distant and Remote Places: A Memoir, William E. Lemanski’s recounting of his various quests. About the Book: This memoir by William E. Lemanski, award winning author of Lost in the Shadow of Fame, covers some of his many…