What do Babe Ruth, Anne Bancroft, and Soupy Sales have in common? Gotham Graves

Authors Joe Farrell and Joe Farley

gg_fcSunbury Press has released Gotham Graves Volume One, Joe Farrell and Joe Farley’s first volume in their new series about famous people buried around New York City..

The Joes ventured to the Big Apple and its boroughs to visit the graves of the rich, famous, and infamous. This first volume of the Gotham Graves series focuses on those persons interred in and around New York City who were interesting figures in their times. Farrell and Farley have combed New York City to bring you the most entertaining biographies about interesting people buried in New York. Included in this volume:

• Louis Armstrong “What a Wonderful World”
• Anne Bancroft “And Here’s to You Mrs. Robinson”
• Nellie Bly “Lonely Orphan Girl”
• James Cagney “You Dirty Rat”
• George M. Cohan “Yankee Doodle Dandy”
• Jim Farley “As Maine Goes So Goes Vermont”
• Ulysses Grant “Uncle Sam”

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