2,000 year-old relic kills all who possess it … The Mask of Minos


MECHANICSBURG, Pa. — Sunbury Press has released Robert Walton’s The Mask of Minos: Bruno’s Inferno, a satirical action-adventure akin to Raiders of the Lost Ark.

About the Book:
Only coercion, and a beautiful government agent, could force Harry Thursday out of retirement. This time to find the mythical Mask worn by the Minotaur over 2 thousand years ago. A mask worth millions, a mask that kills any who possess it, a mask that might just have started WWII.

1941 December Somewhere in Russia

The Captain trudged steadily through waist high snow and the frozen earth, fighting fatigue from not hours but mere minutes in the freezing temperatures, fear of the uncertain more than actual exposure. The wheat fields and grazing pastures were stripped of any value before the enemy could arrive, nothing was left for the invading Germans to use or benefit from. Homesteads and barns lay…

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