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Masonic contributions at Gettysburg recounted by Sheldon Munn

MECHANICSBURG, Pa.¬†—¬†Sunbury Press has released Sheldon Munn’s history¬†Freemasons at Gettysburg“About the Book:Although it has been traced to the 10th Century, BC, history indicates that the fraternity of Freemasons was introduced into England in 926 AD. As an association that continues to thrive today, the brotherhood was confronted with a difficult conflict when the Civil War […]

Gettysburg hero and Lancaster’s finest, General John Fulton Reynolds, subject of re-released book

Sunbury Press has released a new edition of the book “General John Fulton Reynolds: His Biography, Words and Relations” by Lawrence Knorr, Michael A Riley and Diane E Watson. General John Fulton Reynolds, of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, was the consummate tragic figure of war – the dashing young general on his horse, leading his men into […]