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Citizens of Riverbank never fear! Stink Bomb to the rescue!

PALO ALTO, Calif. — Sunbury Press has released Ricky Bruce’s children’s book “Stink Bomb.” About the Book: Join our heroes Stink Bomb and Grub as they protect the buggy citizens of Riverbank from the nasty spiders Arac and Nid. About the Author: Rick Crawford, aka Ricky Bruce, lives in San Jose, California with his wife Marcia and […]

Dr. Matt Anderson is an expert on flamingos

DOWNINGTOWN, Pa. — Speckled Egg Press, an imprint of Sunbury Press, has released Downingtown resident Dr. Matt Anderson’s children’s book “Pink Flamingos All Around.” About the Book: Pink Flamingos All Around is a fantastic frolic full of fabulous flamingo fun. The text, which is rhyming in nature, contains some factual information about the birds, as well as some […]

Real visitors from outer space … Meteors!

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. — Sunbury Press has released Dr. Stephenie Slahor’s children’s book “Meteors.” About the Book: They come to Earth from other reaches of our Solar System. They’re meteorites and they have been puzzling and fascinating Earthlings for centuries. In this book, you’ll read facts about their origins and characteristics, but you’ll also learn some of the […]

“Colors in the Garden” introduces the ROY G BIV color spectrum to children

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. — Sunbury Press has released Wendy Lattys children’s book “Colors in the Garden” and the spiritual version “Colors in the Garden the Creator Made.” About the Book: Colors in the Garden introduces the ROY G BIV color spectrum using plants and animals in natural environments which inspires children to see how these colors are displayed […]

Elvis the dinosaur? (no offense Baby Boomers!) Cryolophosaurus one of many featured in Dinorific 3

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. — Sunbury Press has released Mike and Ethan Sgrignoli’s third children’s book “Dinorific Poetry Volume 3: Even More Stories of Ancient Animals Created by a Father and Son.”  The Mechanicsburg publisher of trade paperback and eBooks had previously reissued the first of two volumes. ABOUT THE BOOK: Can you really ever have enough dinosaur poetry? […]

Introducing Speckled Egg Press!

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. — Sunbury Press has announced a new imprint for their children’s category — Speckled Egg Press. “We want to stir up some more interest in this category, which has been lost among our many books for adults,” said VP of Marketing and Author Relations, Tammi Knorr. Speckled Egg shall include elementary and pre-school age products. […]

“Dinorific Poetry Volume 2” has 14 more dinosaur poems just for you…

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. — Children’s author Mike Sgrignoli and his son Ethan, the illustrator, have signed with Sunbury Press to publish their Dinorific Poetry series.  The Mechanicsburg publisher of trade paperback and eBooks has reissued the first of two volumes, to be followed by a third currently in the works. ABOUT THE BOOK: We’re upping the ante folks…14, […]